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Hodgman, Rev. Edwin. History of the Town of Westford, 1659-1883. Lowell: Morning Mail Co.,1883.
    An excellent, scholarly work with an abundance of details from early town records.

French, Allen.  The Day of Concord and Lexington. Boston: Little, Brown, 1925.
    One of the better narratives regarding the events of April 19th, 1775.

Galvin, John R. The Minute Men. Washington: Brassey's, 1989.
    An excellent guide to early militia/minute companies and their significance to the early revolution.

Fischer, David Hackett. Paul Revere's Ride. New York: Oxford University Press,1994.
    A book which is rich with details not found elsewhere all in one book.

Gross, Robert. The Minutemen and Their World. New York: Hill and Wang, 1976.
    Although focusing on Concord, this book gives great insight into the everyday lives
    of the residents of colonial eastern Massachusetts.

Norman Castle et al. (eds.). The Minute Men, 1775-1975. Southborough, Mass.:1977.
    A collection of local histories written during the bicentennial.

French, Allen.  The First Year of the American Revolution. Boston: Houghton Miflin, 1934.
    A detailed and well researched account of the first year's efforts, organization (or lack thereof) and political realities from April 19th through the evacuation of Boston by the British.  His analysis of the Battle of Bunker Hill is especially well done.

Ketchum, Richard M.  Decisive Day.  New York: Owl Books, 1962.
    A well written narrative dealing with the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Based on solid sources.

Prescott, William B. and Barbara S.  Patriots and Taxpayers of Colonial Westford, Massachusetts in 1774, Self published.
    This work isn't simply a transcript of colonial period documents.  It looks at the names of the Westford residents who signed the 1774 Covenant and that year's Tax list, and provides some insightful analysis of these lists.  Other information has been gleaned from these documents, such as the ages, relative standing and wealth of the individuals.  A substantial appendix provides some biographical information on each of the male residents on the lists.  This self published work can be found in the reference section of Westford's J.V. Fletcher Library.

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The Westford Museum
Filled with all aspects of Westford's history.  Notable items from the Revolutionary War period are:
- Several items which belonged to Col. John Robinson.
- Recently acquired drum sticks attributed to Jonathan Minot, Jr., Drummer in Capt. Minot's company.
- An epaulette attributed to David Goodhue, a Westford native and officer during the war.

Battle Road
The web site for the annual Battle Road reenactment and other local events.

The 18thCenturyNewEnglandLife Clothing & Accouterments site.
This is an excellent resource for people who would like to learn more about how the people of eastern Massachusetts dressed in 1775.  In addition, this is the site to visit if you want to find links and other means of contacting the best known and most reputable sellers of 18th century reproduction accouterments and clothing.

Colonial Spinning Bee Home Page  Information about the annual Colonial Spinning Bee.  

The "Old Chelmsford" Garrison House
A wonderful early 18th century house museum with a significant amount of original architectural material as well as a large collection of various 18th and 19th century farm tools and household belongings.  Also on the grounds is an early 19th century blacksmith shop which is still in use.

America's Historic Lakes Website   New
Why add a link to a Lake Champlain site?  As you'll see, Westford has connections to the Battle of Valcour Island.  Fought on October 11, 1776 and led by (then) patriot Benedict Arnold, this battle brought significant consequences for at least two Westford residents, Jonas Holden and Thomas Rogers.  Starting here, you can follow the many links on the site to capture the fascinating story of how the discovery of a two century old cannon on the bottom of Lake Champlain led to Westford's Fairview cemetery.  Many thanks to Edwin R. Scollon and the researchers at the Valcour Bay Research Project

J.V. Fletcher Library
Westford's town library.  Besides a good deal of genealogical information dealing with town residents of the past,
the reference section also contains many of the town's early records on microfilm.  

18th c. Joyner & Planemaker
House building in the 18th century was a labor intensive process that required the skills of many tradesman.  While the carpenter hewed and joined the timber frame "bones" of the building, it was the house joiner who crafted the fabric of its interior woodwork.  With a basic set of hand tools, the house joiner produced the raised and feather edge paneling, wainscoting, and decorative moldings so familiar in period houses and public buildings.  I use and make hand planes and other tools used by the house joiner to demonstrate the process of transforming rough lumber into the elements of a finished 18th century home.  

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