2020 Schedule

March 22
April 5
Westford Colonial Minutemen Open House, Westford Museum (2 - 4pm)
April 11 Bedford Liberty Pole Capping & Parade (10:30am)   Cancelled
April 11 Meriam's Corner Ceremony (12:30pm)  Cancelled
April 20
Col. John Robinson Trail March -- 5:00am  Cancelled
April 20 Patriot's Day Parade, Concord  (9:00am)  Cancelled
April 19Dawn Salute and Remembrance Ceremony at the North Bridge, Concord  (6:00am)
May 16 Westford Apple Blossom Parade (10:00am)
May 24
Westford Memorial Day Parade
May 24
Dunstable Memorial Day Parade *
May tbd Tyngsboro Memorial Day Parade *
July 4 Chelmsford 4th of July (Chelmsford Minutemen)*

More to come...
Events may be added throughout the year

* Indicates that we march under the flag of the 6th Middlesex County Rgmt of Militia

The North Bridge

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