WMM Westford Colonial Minutemen

Those from Westford Who Served
The American War for Independence

The following names, primarily found in Hodgman's History of Westford, list all those from Westford, Massachusetts who served in one or more of the American military institutions of the American Revolution.  These include the local militia and minute companies, provincial regiments raised by the state (such as Col. Robinson's regiments), or the Continental Army.  Sources include Massachusetts State Archive muster rolls, pay records, town and county records, and other records which are not completely described.

Discrepancies between various sources have been noted.  There may still be some cases where two names represent the same person.

An asterisk next to a name indicates that the individual died as a result of his military service.  A monument on the Westford town common indicates that 35 men died as a result of military service during the Revolution.  So far, I have only been able to document 22.  If you can point me toward a good source for such information, I would appreciate it if you could forward me the reference.

My goal is to gather information about each individual's service, as well as their non-military life, and make it available through this site.   The compilaton of information from many different sources is ongoing and I have yet to place much of the information on this website.  In the meantime, I have created a  listing of entries from MSSRW for the men listed below.  If anyone has documented information about any of those listed below I would be more than happy to see it !  

November, 2002: Some new information about the lives of Jonas Holden and Thomas Rogers has come to light, thanks to researchers with the Valcour Bay Research Project.  Many thanks Edwin R. Scollon for providing us with this fascinating research.

April, 2003:  Thanks to George Quintel, Jr. for the addition of three previously unrecognized service deaths.

April, 2023: 

Additional information about soldiers who served during the war from other towns but later moved to, and are buried in, Westford has been compiled by Judy Cataldo and can be found here.

An on-line tour of the Westford Patriots in Westford cemeteries can be found here.

Abbot, Joel
Abbot, John
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Timothy
Barrett, Benjamin
Barrett, Ebenezer
Barrett, John
Barrett, Oliver  *
Barrett, Thomas
Bason, Ceasar  *
Bates, Oliver  * 
Biglow, Simeon
Bixby, Asa

Bixby, David
Bixby, Ephraim
Bixby, Isaac
Bixby, Jacob
Bixby, Levi
Bixby, Thomas
Bixby, William
Blanchard, Calvin
Blodgett, Jonas
Blood, Aaron
Boynton, Abel
Brooks, Josiah  *
Brown, Peter
Burrows, William
Butterfield, James
Butterfield, Samuel
Chafin, David
Chamberlin, Ephraim
Chamberlin, John
Chamberlin, Nathaniel
Chamberlin, Samuel
Chandler, Ebenezer
Chandler, Isaac
Chandler, Jesse
Chandler, Silas, Pension Records
Chandler, William
Corey, Ebenezer
Corey, Isaac
Corey, Isaac, Jr.
Cowdry, David
Cowdry, John
Cowdry, Thomas
Craft, Samuel
Cummings, Ephraim  *
Cummings, Nathaniel
Cummings, Thomas
Cummings, Timothy
Darbee, Samuel
Dodge, Job
Dodge, Josiah
Dudley, Daniel  *
Dudley, Jesse  *
Dutton, David
Dutton, Ephraim
Dutton, Hildreth
Dutton, Joseph
Dutton, Samuel
Dutton, William
, Pension Records
Esterbrooks, Benjamin
Esterbrooks, Joel
Farmer, Benjamin
Fassett, Joshua
Fish, David
Fisk, D avis
Fitch, Thomas
Fletcher, Amos, Jr.
Fletcher, Andrew
Fletcher, Asaph
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, Ebenezer
Fletcher, Gershom
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Jeremiah
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, Joseph
Fletcher, Joshua
Fletcher, Joshua, Jr.
Fletcher, Josiah
Fletcher, Levi
Fletcher, Nehemiah
Fletcher, Paul  *
Fletcher, Pelatiah
Fletcher, Raymond  *
Fletcher, Sampson
Fletcher, Soloman, Pension Records
Fletcher, Thomas
Fletcher, William (Willard?)
Foster, Ebenezer  *
Foster, Elias
Foster, Samuel
Foster, Smith
Glenney, Isaac
Glenna, John (Joel?)
Glenna, William
Goodhue, Daniel

Goodhue, David
Green, Isaac
Green, Nehemiah
Guy, Thomas
Hadley, John
Hadley, Jonas

Hadley, Jonathan  *
Hambleton, York
Hardwick, William
Hardy, Amos
Heald, Ephraim, Pension Records
Heald, Oliver, Pension Records
Hildreth, Amaziah
Hildreth, Elijah
Hildreth, Ephraim
Hildreth, Hezekiah

Hildreth, Hosea
Hildreth, Jeremiah
Hildreth, John
Hildreth, Jonathan
Hildreth, Oliver
Hildreth, Peter
Hildreth, William
Hildreth, Zechariah
Hildreth, Zechariah, Jr.

Holden, Asa
Holden, David
Holden, John
Holden, Jonas, Pension Records
Holmes, Nathaniel
Howard, Silas
Johnson, David
Johnson, Jonathan, Jr.
Jones, Jonathan
Kemp, Ephraim
Kemp, Jonas
Kemp, Simeon
Kent, Abner
Kent, Simeon
Keyes, Charles
Keyes, Daniel (David?)
Keyes, Jonathan, Jr.
Keyes, Samuel  *

Kidder, Francis 
Kidder, Joseph  *
Kidder, Thomas

King, Rogers
Larkin, Peter
Leighton, Francis
Little, William
Magerr, James

Mason, Abijah  *
McEwin, Peter

Meads, Stephen
Meads, Thomas
Minot, Jesse

Minot, Jonathan
Minot, Jonathan, Jr.
Minot, Joseph  *
Morgan, Henry
Nichols, William
Nutting, Jacob
Nutting, John
Nutting, Thomas  *
Nutting, Thomas
Osgood, Benjamin

Parker, Aaron
Parker, Aaron, Jr.
Parker, Abel
Parker, David
Parker, Ebenezer
Parker, Isaac
Parker, John  *
Parker, Joshua
Parker, Joshua, Jr.
Parker, Levi
Parker, Moses
Parlin, Amos
Patch, Asa
Patch, Isaac
Patch, John
Patten, Isaac
Perry, James
Perry, Obadiah
Pike, James
Powers, Isaac
Prentice, Nathaniel
Prescott, Abel
Prescott, David

Prescott, John
Prescott, Jonas, 3rd
Prescott, Joseph

Prescott, Peter
Prescott, Timothy

Prince, Jethro  *
Procter, Abel
Procter, Charles
Procter, Ezekiel
Procter, James
Procter, Josiah
Procter, Leonard
Procter, Oliver
Procter, Philip
Procter, Silas
Pushee, John
Read, Abel
Read, Abijah

Read, Benjamin
Read, Eleazer
Read, Eleazer, Jr.
Read, Eliakim
Read, Elihu
Read, Elnathan
Read, Joseph
Read, Joshua
Read, Leonard
Read, Oliver
Read, Samuel
Read, Simeon

Read, Stephen
Read, Thaddeus
Read, William
Reed, Joshua
Richardson, Abijah

Richardson, Wylie
Robbins, Benjamin
Robbins, Jacob
Robbins, Jacob, Jr.
Robbins, Jeremiah
Robbins, John
Robbins, John, Jr. (?)
Robbins, Peter
Robbins, Philip
Robbins, Thomas
Robbins, Zachariah
Robinson, John
Robinson, Winthrop
Rogers, Thomas  *
Rowe, Tony
Rumrill, Peter
Russell, Abel
Russell, Amos
Russell, John
Russell, Simeon
Scott, Thomas
Senter, Simeon
Skinner, Robert  *
Smith, Francis
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Philip
Spalding, Ephraim
Spalding, Job
Spalding, John

Spalding, Philip 
Spaulding, Phineas
Spaulding, Silas

Spaulding, Solomon
Spaulding, Timothy
Spalding, William
Stone, Ebenezer
Stratton, Jonathan

Taylor, Nathan
Taylor, Samuel
Temple, Levi

Temple, Stephen
Tid, Amos
Tidd, John
Underwood, John
Underwood, Joseph
Underwood, Timothy
Wendell, Jacob
White, Samuel
Whitney, Daniel
Wilkins, Jethro
Wright, Abraham
Wright, Amos
Wright, Ebenezer
Wright, Ephraim
Wright, Ezekiel
Wright, Henry

Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, Jonas
Wright, Joseph,
Jr.  *
Wright, Oliver
Wright, Pelatiah
Wright, Peter
Wright, Stephen
Wright, Zaccheus
Youngman, Peter

Total: 289

Indicates having died during military service

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