Zaccheus Wright Letter

A photograph of the original letter can be found in June Kennedy's Westford Recollections, p. 103.

To Mr. William Hildreth one of the Corprals [sic] of the second foot Company in Westford in sd. County Greetings In his Majestyes [sic] Name you are hereby Required fourth with [sic] to Warn all the training Soldiers in your precinct under the Command of Capt. Jonathan Minot to appear at the Common trainingfield in sd Westford with arms and ammunition [sic] compleat [sic] on Monday the fifth day of October at two oclock in the after noon of sd day there to attend further orders…
…hereof fail not and make Due Return of this Warrant [missing] your Doings thereon at or before the time herein prefixt… under the paine [sic] and penalty [missing] Law… Dated at Westford [missing] Sixteenth Day of September in the twelveth [sic] year of h[missing] Reign AD 1772.
By order of our sd Capt.                                    Zacs Wright Clerk

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