WMM Westford Colonial Minutemen

The Orderly Book of
Colonel John Robinson's Regiment of Massachusetts Militia
Camp at Cambridge, February & March, 1776

~  Pages 16-30  ~

The original manuscript document is contained in the collections of the

Huntington Library, San Marino, California and is referenced as HM596. 

The Huntington holds all copyrights to the manuscript document.

Transcribed by D.P. Lacroix, May/June 2003.

Orderly Book Guide

Page 16

Head Quarters 21 Feb y 1776…

Brigade Orders –

Officer of the day – Colonel Graton    Ajutant Rice

Head Quarters 22 Feb y 1776…

Page 17

Cambridge Feby 22 1776

this Day recd of Colo John Robinson – 504 Cattriges 104 flints [?]

31 horns with half a Pound of Powder in each

[???] Cattrige Paper

for the euse of my Company – Recd by me

                                                   [signed] John Lemont Capt

Head Quarters 23 Feb y 1776…

Head Quarters 24 Feb y 1776…

Page 18

Head Quarters 24 Feb y 1776…(cont.)

   Brigade Orders ~  ~   ~   ~    ~    ~   ~   ~    ~

As a uniform in the Several Regiments in the brigade

in performing the various Maneuvers is assentially necessary

And the best method to Effect it should be adopted, the Brigadier

is of oppinion that the Field officers & commissioned Officers and

serjeants in the Several Regiments would meet together an hour

or two every day when the weather is suitable, it would be the best

means to promote the discipline of the whole --------

Page 19

The Brigadier does most hartily thank those

Officers who have already set the Laudiable Example

and Strongly Recomends to all the Officers of the 16th

18th & 24 Regiments and four Companies of ye 26th

who are Quartered in barrucks near each other to give

their Constant attendance at such time and place as

shall be agreed upon by the Officers for the purpose

afforsaid = if any of the Militia in Col.o Robinsons Regt

are still without or destitute of arms their names are

to be Returned Immediately the Colo or Commanding

Officer of each Regiment will not fail or delay to find

in the Continental Rules & Regulations which are

Subscribed by the Officers; that their Commissions which

are now Ready may be given out ~  ~   ~   ~

   Officer of the Day Colonel Jacson  Ajutant Smith


Camp Cambridge  February 25th 1776

Regimental Orders

The Colo Orders every Commissioned officer in his

Regiment to turn out upon the Common Parade to

morrow morning at day Braking with all of their

Respective Companies Except one in each Room – and none

are to be Excluded only Such as are on duty and Unwell.

he also Recomends that the Commissioned officers See to

and assist the orderly Sergeants in turning out & parading

the Soldiers; and are to Imbody according to Rank in

the Regiment and all the above are to be armed and equipt if the

weather be fair and there wait until

further orders.

Camp Cambridge Feby ye 26th 1776

This day Recd Eighteen Powder horns of Colonel John Robinson for

the use of my Company.   [signed]  Josiah Warren  Capt

Cambridge Feby 26th 1776

This day Recd of Colo John Robinson Six powder horns for the

use of my Company           [signed, but very faint]  Simon[?] Edgel  Capt

Page 20

Head Quarters 25 Feb y 1776…

Brigade Orders ~ Officer of the day Majr Brown

Ajutant Woodard

Head Quarters 26 Feb y 1776…

Page 21

Head Quarters 27 Feb y 1776…

Page 22

Head Quarters 27 Feb y 1776 (cont.)…

Head Quarters 28 Feb y 1776…

Page 23

Regimental Orders  29th February 1776

The Colonel is Astonished to find that so many of the

soldiers in his Regiment have mounted guard with but 12 & 15

Rounds of Ammunition a man, when at the same time their

Captains have drawed 24 Rounds a man for them he therefore

Orders that the Captains or Commanding Officers of Companies

in his Regiment do immediately see that their Companies, to a man,

Be furnished to 24 Rounds a man, so that they may be able

to Pass a strict Examination before a field Officer tomorrow.

The Colonel also Orders that they see that their firelocks are

In Good Repair fit for Action.


Head Quarters 29 Feb y 1776…

   Brigade Orders ~

By the Genl Orders of the 24 Instant the weekly Returns

are to be examined and certified by the Brigadier Gen.l

the Brigadier therefore expects that the Colonels and or commanding

Officers of each Regiment in the Brigade will Carefully Inspect

the Returns before they are sent in & if they would not Agree

with the Preceeding ones of which a copy is kept, that they

must[?] certify the Brigadier of the Reasons of such disagreement

for the day tomorrow Brigadier Genl Green

Field Officers – Col.o Poor and Colo Bond

                                       Ajutant Pierce

Page 24

Brigade Orders  Feb. 28th 1776

As the Parades are Extremely dirty and the ground so unsett-

led.  His Excellency Orders the guards to be Paraded until

Further orders in the same manner and upon the same

Parades as they were this morning --- ---

For the day tomorrow  Brigadier Genl Sullivan

Field officer Col.o Park & Col.o Hutchinson


Head Quarters 1 March 1776…


Cambridge March ye 1 1776

This day Recd of Colo John Robinson 24 Pounds of lead Ball

for the use of my Company.  Recd by me   [signed]  Peter Butterfield Lt.

                                                                                       [Shattuck’s Coy]


Head Quarters 2nd March 1776…

Page 25

               Cambridge March 3 1776

I Recd of Colo John Robinson 200 Balls for the Euse of

my Company                                 [signed]  John Ford

               Cambridge March 2 1776

I Recd of Colo John Robinson 24 Balls for the Euse

of my Company                [No signature]

Cambridge March 1 1776

I Recd of Colo John Robinson 24 Balls for the

Euse of my Company      [No signature]

Regimental Orders  March ye 2nd 1776

If any officer Noncommissioned Officer or Soldier shall profer[?]

me to absent himself from Camp with out leave from the

Gen.l they may depend, if Officers on being Reported to the genl .

If Non Commissioned Officers or Soldiers on being Returned deserters

and must Suffer such punishment as a genl Court Martial shall direct

the Commanding Officer of each Company and see that the

Roll of their respective Companies is Calld Night & Morning

if any [???] to Report them Immediately to the Command

ing Officer of the Regiment.  The Colo Expects that every man both

Officers and Soldiers hold them selves in readiness to turn out at a

Minutes warning in case of an Alarum.  The Colo Orders that the

Officers see that those men that are not excused by the doctor are

furnished with the best arms that belong to their Company ---

The Col.o expects that the Doctor will not excuse any but such

as are really unfit for duty.

Cambridge March ye 4th 1776

This day Recd of Colo John Robinson nine Lead balls

for the use of Capt  Shattucks Company --   [signed] Peter Bullen  Lt

Cambridge 6 March 1776

This day Recd of Capt Asahel Wheeler three lb of Powder & 189 Lead

Bullits & 74 Catterage                            [signed] John Robinson Colo

Cambridge March ye 6th 1776  this day Recd of Colo John Robinson

[???] lb Powder 74 Catterages & 184 balls for the use of my Company

                                                               [signed] Josiah Warren Capt

Page 26

Head Quarters 3rd March 1776…

Page 27

Head Quarters 3rd March 1776 (cont.)…

Head Quarters 4 March 1776…

Head Quarters 5 March 1776…

Page 28

Head Quarters 6 March 1776…

Brigade Orders

The Colonels of each Regiment in the brigade will not fail

To attend at the brigadiers Quarters precisely at two O’Clock this

after noon ~ ~

Page 29

Regimental Orders

The Colonel expects that the Commanding officers of

companies in his Regiment will take especial care to see

that their men [???][???][???] do grees or oyl their fire

lock, especially in this time of wet weather--- ---

March ye 7th 1776

This day Sargeant Abner Whitcomb in Capt Shattucks

Company Advised one Abraham Moors a Soldier in the

Same persons[?] company not to go on duty when Calld for

by his Orderly Sargeant.

Head Quarters 7 March 1776…

March ye 8th 1776

This day Capt Shattuck has Recd Orders from Gen Heath

to discharge a Soldier one Dole by name, in his Company

and this day to [e]race his name out of his Role and not

make him up in his muster role or abstract ~ ~ ~


   Cambridge March ye 9th 1776

This day Recd of Colo John Robinson

33 Balls for the Use of my Company.       [No signature]

Page 30

Head Quarters 8 March 1776…


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