References to Militia Supplies from the Town

"December ye 12: 1768.  Pay to Mr. Ebenr Stone  ye sum of £6 for to buy one Barrill of Powder & ye Rest is to be laid oute in Bullits & Flints which has undertaken to buy for the Town of Westford."

[Town Records, from: History of Westford, p. 87]


"July 4, 1774… Voted also that the Selectmen provide a new stock of powder and ball and flints for this town’s use."

[Town Records, from: History of  Westford, p. 95]


January 16, 1775, the town voted to raise twenty pounds to purchase arms.  Lieut. Zaccheus Wright, Col. John Robinson and Capt. Oliver Bates were chosen a committee to procure them, and February 3d they delivered eight guns to the Selectmen for the use of the town.  Not long before this, the town stock of powder had been replenished and everything was made ready for an emergency which was near at hand.

[History of Westford, p. 103]

The previous entry is confirmed by the town records, dated 27 December 1776:

"Pay to Colonel John Robinson the sum of                           4-15-0
        for guns he purchased for the town store.

Pay to Zacheus Wright the sum of                                         4-15-0
        for guns he purchased for a town store

Pay to Timothy Prescott as administrator on
        the estate of Capt. Oliver Bates, Decesd the sum of     4-15-0
        for guns sd Bates purchased for a town store

        The above said persons being chose a committee
        by the Town to purchase guns for a town store on
        the 16 Day of January 1775.
[Misc. Town Records, 1750-1850 on microfilm, Mass 1031, Roll #R-27, J.V Fletcher Library]


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