WEF Grants


Westford Education Foundation, Inc. (WEF) is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes innovative educational initiatives and champions life-long learning. We do this by building a wide community of support, fostering ideas, channeling resources, and funding exceptional learning programs.

WEF seeks to encourage and advance innovation and creativity on the part of teachers, students, parents, and other community members by granting funds for new endeavors consistent with Westford Public Schools and Nashoba Valley Technical High School curriculum but beyond the scope of the school budget.

Who may apply for a WEF grant?

WEF invites all Westford Public School and Nashoba Valley Technical High School faculty and administrators to apply for grants that support innovative programs in the classroom and professional development initiatives.

What do WEF grants support?

  • New innovative projects in teaching and learning that are beyond the scope of the approved school budget
  • Innovation and creativity on the part of teachers, students, parents, and other community members for new endeavors consistent with the Westford Public Schools and/or Nashoba Valley Technical High School curriculum
  • Innovative ideas that impact a significant number of students and have a lasting benefit to the Westford community
  • Professional development that encourages collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and community groups to enrich education
  • Professional development that supports teachers who wish to expand their content knowledge, acquire new skills, seek out intellectual renewal, and bring new, innovative ideas into the classroom.

Applications may be made by individuals or groups. Individuals may request up to $750 for innovative grants. There is no dollar limit for either collaborative innovative applications or professional development applications.

WEF 2020 Emergency Grant Application

WEF Fall 2020 Innovative Grant Application

WEF Fall 2020 Professional Development Grant Application

Emergency grants can be sent in ANYTIME.

Innovative and Professional development Grant applications are due in by October 30!!!

Return application to:

P.O. BOX 535
or email to:


Some representative grants include:

  • Living Lab Brook Book Project
  • Westford Whale Project
  • Indigenous People Museum
  • Westford Academy Theater Arts’ Sound Board
  • Animal Research & Podcasts
  • 3D Modeling and Printing
  • Columbia University Teacher Conferences
  • iPad Ingenuity
  • Ronan McElligott Memorial Playground
  • Instrumental Music Technology
  • Parkerville School House Flag Restoration
  • Video Analysis for Physics
  • Ryan’s Story, Anti-Bullying Presentation
  • Day School Book Club
  • Epicureans for Environmentally Sustainable Business
  • Digital Media Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom

For more details, see Professional Development Grants or Innovative Grants.