Postsecondary Transition

Do you feel prepared for your child’s Postsecondary Transition?  If not, you are not alone.

Postsecondary Transition is a time when you prepare your child in Special Education to leave high school and begin leading a productive and independent adult life.  Whether your child is planning on attending college, joining the workforce, or pursuing a combination of both, it’s never too early to begin gathering information, identifying needs, and creating a preliminary plan of action.

Postsecondary Transition begins at age 14 and continues until the date of HS graduation (or the child’s 22nd birthday).  It is important that parents and guardians understand what transition services are available and how these services apply to their child’s specific needs – well before they enter high school!

All children on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are eligible for transition services; students on 504 plans are not eligible for transition services.

The links and documents below will give you a better understanding of Postsecondary Transition is and where you can find more information.


From The ARC ( a timeline of what you need to have done and when.
Transition timeline

Information from the Department of Education, Civil Rights

Helpful guide (in English) from the Federation of Children with Special Needs (FCSN)