Calendar Help


This information is intended to be used by those that have a calendar login.

Adding an Event

  1. Log in by clicking the “Administrator login for Westford's Community Calendar” link at the bottom of the calendar page and enter your login information.
  2. Mouse over “Events” at the top of the page and select Add Event.
  3. Add your information for the event
    1. Top line: Event title
    2. Next block: Event details
      Optional: If there is a related image on an existing web page, you should be able to select the image, then copy and and paste it into this area. You can then click on the image to align or edit.
    3. Time & Date: Set date and time in this area. Double check AM and PM settings! For recurring events, enter only the first event occurrence in the Start/End field so that the end date is the date of the first occurrence and not the last date of the series. Then click Schedule Multiple Events. Select the appropriate reoccurrence option. If you need to exclude any dates from your series for weekends or holidays, click the Add Exclusion button and select the dates for the exclusion.
    4. Location: Many Westford venues have been pre entered into the calendar system. Click the pull down menu (labeled as "Use New Venue") to see if your venue is listed. If not, you may enter it here.
    5. Organizer: Select the organization that is sponsoring this event. Click the pull down menu (labeled as "Use New Organizer") to see if your organization is listed. If the organization doesn’t appear in the pull down menu, you may add the sponsor's details.
    6. Event Website: If you have a web site or web page that promotes this event, add that web address here.
    7. Event Cost: If you would like to list an admission cost, enter a $ for Currency Symbol, then enter the cost. Leave blank is you don't want to list a cost. Note: If you have multi level pricing, it might be best to list that cost information in the Event Details area.
    8. Ignore the section under Additional Functionality.
    9. Excerpt: The Westford Web Calendar posts events to Twitter on the day of the event. The information entered here will replace the content of the Event Details block at the top of the page in the Twitter feed. Twitter Title and Excerpt are limited to 140 characters or 100 characters if you have a website listed in Event Website above. (Example: On the calendar you can list all details on the event. In the Excerpt, you would probably want to list the location, costs (if any) and a high level summary of the event.)
    10. Leave Comments unchecked.
    11. Author: By default, the user that is logged in will be listed as the owner of this listing.

    4. Publish: Scroll up and click the Publish button on the right to publish the event. Your event is now listed on the Calendar.


Edit or Delete an event.

  1. Log in, mouse over Events at the top of the page and select Edit Events.
  2. Mouse over title and select either Edit or Delete.
    1. If deleting, the event will be moved to the Trash.