Westford Colonial Minutemen -- This symbol was designed in the late 1960's when the 'modern' Westford Minutemen were formed. The three cannons represent the three Westford companies (two foot and one minute company), with a total of 131 men.         Possible Appearance of Robinson House in 1775

Westford Colonial Minutemen


Welcome to the home page of the Westford Colonial Minutemen! We are a group that enjoys bringing the 18th century heritage of Westford, Massachusetts to the 21st century through local events such as educational programs, parades and reenactments. Founded in 1967, the group has remained dedicated to preserving the Revolutionary history of our community by recreating some of the activities of the minute and militia companies of 1775. Through studying, retelling and reenacting our history, we hope to keep the spirit of our early nation alive today.

This site is a growing repository for information about Westford's Revolutionary War period history and veterans.  A quick look at our Site Map/Index will show you what is available today. Please visit often as information is added on a continuing basis.  If you have local historical or genealogical information that you think would be of interest to us, please feel free to contact the webmaster -- any information is greatly appreciated!

We invite you to take a few moments to read about our history, learn about today's activities or use our resources page as a source for further reading.

Upcoming Events!

Revolutionary Westford at the Westford Museum
Tuesday, 3 April  7:30pm

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Col. John Robinson Trail March
Monday, 16 April starting at 5:00am
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